John Bauer - the film

Restart 2017

Posted 29 August 2017
People who want to restart the project have committed to make it possible to do a trailer and form a project that goes international. This blogg will only rarely be used in the future.
We are preparing for a new trailer depicting the first scene. This is estimated to be released around new year 2017/2018
More info here Link
A new site is also to be formed under the production company Draupner Film. Work in progress

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John Bauer – The Mountain King  is selected for the NSFF co-production market

Posted 16 August 2013
PROGRAM Northern Seas Film Forum

Invited to Saint-Petersburg (September 15-17) to present the project.

The main pitching will be held on the first day, September 15 (2013). All the three days will be devoted to one-on-one meetings, other presentations and events.

I am very glad to have been given this wonderful opportunity.


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New Script, dreamteam

Posted 4 September 2012
After a long writing session a new version of my screenplay about John Bauer is at hand. Ritva who spell checked it yesterday think I should write it as a book too. She devoured the script in a day. The film is about to get a dream team. After several months of persuasion, Marianne Ahrne agreed to the possibillity of directing, though she thinks I should do it.

I tried to tell her that eaven if I certainly could I would love to work with her. This story should probably be directed by a woman. Marianne disn´t agree on that, she thought it is about seeing all perspectives and surely thought highly of several men having that.

But we will see how it turns out. I also seem to get the principal roles I want. Now it juuust is to be funded ... /
Börje Peratt

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New script 20120701

Posted 1 July 2012
During spring 2012 I started upp the project and found inspiration to write again.
Oh this drama is really a classic.

Must get it done!

Börje Peratt

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The right moment

Posted 24 March 2012
John Bauer film is a project by Börje Peratt

Because of other projects it has been put on hold for the right moment to come.

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The first draft screenplay

Posted 2 July 2010
The first draft screenplay (in Swedish) has been sent to the lecturers and possible main roles. Following feedback from them, we will translate the script into English and send to the contacts who have expressed interest in particular when we were in Cannes and presented the movie idea.

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John Bauer on Facebook and in Cannes.

Posted 5 May 2010
Since we launched Draupner Film on Facebook we have also opened a Facebook Group for this film about “John Bauer”. The Swedish Facebook name is (translated into english) "John Bauer - The Film about the Fairy tale artist". The Film though will be called "John Bauer - The Mountain King" depicting also his dream to create a play for the theater. In mid May we will present the project in Cannes.

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Short synopsis

Posted 7 April 2010
John Bauer (1882-1918) the world known Swedish artist died only 36 years old and his death was up on newspaper front pages. John Bauer, portrayed myths and fairy world and his images are a cultural treasure known throughout the world.
Telling the story of this highly regarded artist is also to tell of an artistic creation affected by the struggle with and love for Esther, his wife and ”princess”.

Synopsis: John Bauer  - The Mountain King

Posted 7 April 2010
John Bauer, the Swedish fairy tale artist whose images of the forest trolls and creatures of nature became the world’s fabulous treasure. Despite his timid nature, he knew early what he wanted and already as 16-year-old he knocked at the Royal Academy gate. Too young, he was coming back two years later and adopted. At College he meets Esther (Fairy Tale Princess) and they become trapped by each other in a battle worthy of a relationship Strindberg drama. Esther, constantly surrounded by men and cavaliers, received a lot of attention. She loved it and needed  this kind of confirmation. While John wanted the deep forest Esther’s life was in the lounges in the city. Allthough she tried to live in the cabin in the woods where John wanted to stay alone with his ”princess”.
At age 25 John Bauer illustrates ”Among gnomes and trolls” and will be forever fabulous artist who gave soul and life to the figures of the Nordic sagas. His early idealization of woman and maturity development in relation to his wife is reflected in the images he paints. Fertility goddess Freya in Bauer’s interpretation combines the feminine ideal of a sensual and feminine beauty in nature-like design peculiar to John Bauer. John’s dream was to live out his characters on theater and creating an operatic stage which took the audience straight into his bewitching dream world. Why Royal Opera chose to use his libretto, and do ballet ”Mountain King” without giving Bauer his rightful copyright is one of the film’s exciting puzzles.
John Bauer himself could never experience the sweetness of victory when he was assigned to his work. He was only 36 years. Sea lake took his life when the passenger boat, Per Brahe sank on a stormy November night 1918. The whole world mourned the far too early departed fairy artist. Mountain King with the music of Hugo Alfvén was released 5 years after the death of John Bauer. His name was not included in the program.
John Bauer’s two brothers took to the copyright battle with the Royal Opera House to court and won. Original drawings for Mountain King has never been found. Perhaps they are in the lake after the accident. Here on the shore of the lake bottom also lies the heart of the enchanted princess Tuvstarr. Image linking John Bauer’s paintings with the most beautiful and fragile of human beings.

Work in progress

Posted 11 March 2009
In summer 2008 we did a first cast try out at Filmcafé.nu.
64 actors/actresses showed interest and we did an audition that brought us the potential of leading parts.
During the autumn of 2008 Malin Toverud was associated as research and co-scriptwriter together with Börje Peratt.
Today we have a treatment and are polishing the synopsis.
Thanks to the help and cooperation from John Bauer muséum in Jönköping we have a rich source and asset of material.
Our aim is a script summer 2009.

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